Unplugged Munich #1 – Event Tip

Munich Unplugged

On Septemer the 4th Munich is going to be unplugged, because there is a great event, you have to visit too! The event called Pioneers unplugged, founded by the Vienna startup Pioneers and will occur in different European cities. 


The Pioneers-founders have made it their task to bring developers, founders, blogger and every tech-head from all over the world together. To connect entrepreneurship with technology and support innovative technology is extremely important for them. The Pioneers see it as their mission and a perfect possibility to realize revolutionising progress within the startup scene.


An important part of the Pioneers-Project is Pioneers Unplugged. Next to the main Pioneers festival in Vienna with about 2.500 guests, there are a lot of smaller events in different European cities. Talks and speeches by successful founders, tech-talks and networking together should boost the regional Startup scene. This year Pioneers Unplugged is also placed in Munich. All entrepreneurs, coders, builders and Tech-heads are invited to get together on September the 4th. Tickets aren’t available yet, but you can already sign here http://www.pioneers.io/unplugged

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