Two Munich Startups at the SevenVentures Pitch Day


The seven finalists out of more than 300 startups and founders from Europe, America and Asia, which submitted their applications to SevenVentures, have now been announced. There are 7 Startups for the SevenVentures Pitch Day to compete for media volume worth €7 million. Two out of the seven finalists are munich-based Startups.

At the event to be held on November 14 as part of the NOAH Conference in London, the candidates will compete in a series of short sessions in which they pitch their product or service. Afterwards, they will have to answer critical questions from a six-member jury of decision-makers. The seventh juror – and possibly the tie-breaker – will be the Internet community: On November 14, 7VPD will be streamed live over the Internet at All viewers and fans will have the opportunity to participate via a Facebook app, and their collective favorite will count at a seventh vote in the jury’s decision.

And these Startups will take part at the second SevenVentures Pitch Day:

eyeglass24 ( from Munich)

tado (from Munich)

- Azimo (from London)

- Checkrobin (from Vienna)

- GetYourGuide (from Zurich)

- mygola (from Bangalore)

- Outfittery (from Berlin)

With the first SevenVentures Pitch Day 2012 founders and Startups could take the opportunity to introduce them self to Europe’s largest market. We cross our fingers for eyeglass24 and tado!

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