tado made second place at SevenVentures Pitch Day


Sadly the winner of the SevenVentures Pitch Day 2013 yesterday in London is not a Munich Startup. But the one of the two in Munich founded Startups made the second place and received a 2 Million Euro reward.

Congratulations to tado, the Munich Startup with it’s heating costs trimmer App made the second place at the SevenVentures Pitch Day. Considering the cold temperature today in Munich and the early days of winter, tado wisely regulates your heating by using your Smartphone so you can reduce the amount of wasted energy.

What exactly this 2 million euro package includes is currently undisclosed, but we are sure the tado team is using their invest wisely. We wish tado all the best for the future. We are looking forward to hear about their ongoing success soon.

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