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We want Munich forward!

Munich is not just the capital city of Bavaria, it’s also a city with a lot of opportunities for young companies to grow. It’s one of the Startup cities in Germany with great opportunities Business Angels as well as CVs and a lot of fundings. Creativity is in the air, chances are around the corner and networking is going to get more and more important.

With munichFWD we think it’s time to spread the word, to make Munich a city to recognize, to help our beautiful city and the startups here to grow and getting successful. And you can help make this wish come true! Supporting munichFWD means to stand up for the Munich ecosystem, for all the small and the big startups, the entrepreneurs, the founders and the creative and sometimes crazy people.

With you becoming a Supporter for munichFWD we want to give the awareness for Munich’s Startups to every person. munichFWD should be a place to poke and inform about startups from Munich, meanigful ideas and new places to invest.

Helping us with this project called munichFWD you’re helping the scene to get in contact, to have a place for their presentation, for networking, for business- exchange. When there is something important, it’s the fact that Munich needs to present itself a bit bigger.


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