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Nowadays you can get caught in the whole blogs, magazines, photo-sharing and social media platforms by searching for fashion inspiration. It’s easy to get the new trends from the fashionistas online, but there was always a lot to search, many sites to click and too many different styles to catch. Since 2008 fashion addicted people can get it all together: with Stylight. We’ve asked CEO Benjamin Günther about the idea of their successful Startup and their way.

munichFWD: What is your Startup about?

On STYLIGHT you can search and discover the best fashion online. Our fashion community creates looks with their outfit photos and with more than 500.000 products that you can find on STYLIGHT. People can get inspired by these looks. And if you find a product you really want you can easily buy it from one of the shops featured on STYLIGHT.

munichFWD: How did you come up with the idea? What is the story of how you started your company?

We are 4 friends from Munich who realized that there is a special search engine for everything but that there wasn’t one for fashion. Either you search via general search engines like Google or you search on each and every online shop. We wanted to create a single website to search for fashion. That was 5 years ago. We founded STYLIGHT in 2008.

munichFWD: Was it difficult for you to get it started? How long did it take you? What did that process look like?

We came up with the idea in our living room during our studies in the USA. We worked hard on a business plan and created a first prototype. After six month we launched STYLIGHT.

munichFWD: Did you receive any funding or other support to start the company?

We received the first support from the Center of Digital Technology and Management in Munich (CDTM), where the four of us studied.

Additionally, we have been lucky enough to get a founders scholarship from Exist and to have the support of two business angels and Holtzbrinck Ventures.

munichFWD: What would you say was the most interesting thing you learned since you came up with your idea?

You always have to be flexible and you should never be completely satisfied. We changed and improved the product constantly.

munichFWD: Was there any point where you said “I’m going to give up”?

No, never. Whenever we had a difficult situation, we always sat together and talked about the problem. Together with all co-founders we’ve found a solution for every problem. It’s all about the team spirit.

munichFWD: How did you get so successful with your product?

We constantly work on the product and want to improve it from day to day. We are never satisfied with the status quo and keep challenging ourselves.

munichFWD: Do you have any advice for other startups you would like to share?

Just do it. And don’t listen too much to other people’s good advice.

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