Siemens is on to a new Accelerator-Program


Today, technology determines our everyday life and our modern world is unthinkable without it. Highly advanced computers, machines and innovations have simplified our life in many respects. Electronic solutions ensure that we are able to live a light-hearted life. Over the years, it has shown that the only constant in the technology sector is change.

In the last few decades, countless technology companies have been founded all over the world and we have witnessed numerous changes in technology. However, every single new company not only drives technological innovation, but also increases the competitive pressure in the technology sector. To remain on top of this highly competitive market, companies have to ensure to stay innovative and alert. In face of those facts, Siemens founded a new star – a company called “Siemens Novel Businesses GmbH“.

This daughter company of Siemens should breathe new life into the huge corporation. New ideas are needed and trends have to be spotted as early as possible. The well-tried system to put on established products is no longer reliable. It only works until a new trend is born and then revenue is falling quickly. Therefore, companies have to pay attention to notice such trends from the beginning.

Of course, Siemens is anything but new to the startup business. It has already invested venture capital in more than 170 start-ups. The newspaper “Die Welt” reported that even though Siemens Novel Business was founded in Berlin, they will be located in Munich, due to the active startup scene there.

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