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Jan Hendrik Merlin Jacob, Marcus Tandler and Andreas Bruckschlögl can be proud of their 2012 successful founded startup, established in a few months on the market. So of course, we wanted to know something about their story.

munichFWD: How did you came up with the idea of While working for some of our clients, which were mostly big brands, we saw the need for a tool, that offers you a quick look at the quality of a website and possible problems that search engines like Google might encounter when crawling the site. Human failure is just a huge risk nowadays, for both big brands as well as small online shops. Just by uploading the wrong file to your webserver you can get your business into serious trouble. We´re aiming at helping webmasters to build better websites, monitor the improvements and also notify them when something is up with the site.

munichFWD: What makes different and what was most important to you during the implementation? Properly executed optimization is becoming more and more important, which is why our focus is on helping with issues with our software It´s a website quality management tool, which goes a bit further by also helping optimizing your site for better rankings within the search engines. SEO without any tricks, 100% compliant with search engine guidelines!

munichFWD: With customers like Süddeutsche Zeitung, Telekom and O2, “Startup of the year” and winning the Founder’s Award 2013 your are really successful within a year. What is your secret? We have a clear vision and we just love our product! This is why we are working 24/7 to make our tool better and better. Our Customers can feel this passion and even better – they are becoming passionate about our product as well, even though it´s a highly technical software. It´s just very innovative and getting better with every new update we´re making.

munichFWD: In only 24 hours you reached the Break Even Point, by selling 100 Accounts. Could you realize this huge success in this particular moment? And how did you celebrate it? We didn´t expect this amazing success at all, and we were just as surprised as probably everyone else. But when the 24 hours were over I remember a bottle of champagne and some serious celebrating – it was just a great moment.

munichFWD: What would you say was the biggest learning while founding and do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs? Our biggest learning was, that we would need to find excellent employees, who are just as passionate about our product as we are . Young talents and experienced professionals are really hard to find. My advice would be – don’t hurry. It takes time to find those “rough diamonds”. If you are not sure about the skills of a potential employee, sleep on it. My other advice to other entrepreneurs is to never stop improving your product. When you love your product, there´s a good chance your customers will love it, too!

munichFWD: Where do you see in one year from now? The next step for us will be the localization of our software, offering our product to SEOs and webmasters worldwide. It will be an interesting year!

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