Pizza Innovazione – Munich’s fresh delivery service


We guess you all had this problem already: You ordered a pizza from a local delivery service and it arrived, well let’s say not really warm anymore. And this is the point where Pizza Innovatione comes in: Delivering pizza with a special Foodtruck, so the pizza you ordered can be made while driving to your adress. This is the solution for fresh, hot and delicious pizza. 

munichFWD: What is pizza innovazione about?

We are an innovative pizza delivery service that can bake pizza anywhere with their mobile pizza bakery. Even while driving.

munichFWD: How did you come up with the idea?

It was on a rainy Sunday evening. I ordered a pizza after a night out and the result was frustrating, it was cold and soggy.

For the poor quality it was simply too expensive. That was the birth of the rolling pizza bakery pizza Innovazione. Fresh as it gets.

munichFWD: You funded pizza innovazione with crowd funding. Can you give us a short overview what you do/did to attract financial supporters?

We made pizza Innovazione an experience and everyone can be a part of it. Our supporters will receive a VIP status in addition to financial investments.

It will not invest in any investment securities but in real values . Genuine Italian brick oven pizza. We cannot wait to bring the pizza truck on the road there.

munichFWD: What would you say to someone wanting to start a business?

Never give up. No matter what it is.

munichFWD: Where do you see pizza innovazione in one year?

The fleet has grown. We still bake the freshest delivery pizza in town.

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