Oktoberfest Guide for founders

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Talking about Germany with someone from abroad you can’t avoid that someone will mention “Oktoberfest!”. Luckily for you that you are located in Munich this should make you feel more comfortable if you have to explain what it is about. One of the most common stereotype about Germans are Lederhosn and Beer. Well apparently during the Oktoberfest this is more than true in Munich. While most people think of the Wiesn as a small utopia full of joy and happiness it is also one of those places where Spezlwirtschaft (Nepotism) was born.

Here are some Ideas how you can turn an Oktoberfest visit into a business trip:

  • During the 16 festival days around 7 million people from all over the world are visiting the Theresienwiese in Munich. Why don’t you use some of them as exclusive beta testers for your product – especially if you are developing a mobile application. It is recommended to ask people during the more quiet lunch times and when they are somehow sober ;).
  • It is very common for companies in munich to invite their employes and/or business partners for one or two Maß. Not only huge companies like Hypovereinsbank, Allianz or Scout24 Group also a lot of StartUps and SME are present from time to time. Take a look at the tables: Reservation-notes with the company name are pinned on them. Try to find a place nearby and get into contact after one to two Maß and figure out if they might like your business.
  • How good is your elevator pitch? Every thought about your Beer Tent Pitch? It is very common in Bavaria that politicians pitch their election manifesto to people on smaller traditional festivals. We don’t want you to step on the stage and grab the microphone but maybe try to explain your idea to the table next to you. Bonuspoints if he is a foreign speaker.
  • Don’t drink more than you can take – especially when having a business meeting on the Oktoberfest. Even more important: Don’t drink anything (unless you live a non-alcoholic way of life). Magical things happen between your first and third Maß. No unicorns but unique experiences that will connect you even more with old, new and potential business partners.

Oh, and one Bonus-Advice: Headache pain-killer might be your best friend on your desk during the next days. Don’t forget to drink some water from time to time and never start drinking without having some awesome bavarian food!

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