New Accelerator in town


While we told you about the new but not official Accelerator Program by Siemens, there is already one new official Accelerator in Munich. The Allianz Company already launched it’s “Digital Accelerator” in July, but as it looks like, they didn’t spread the news.

Another sign for Munich as a big startup city is the new Accelerator from Allianz called “Digital Accelerator“. With a obvious alignment the Allianz “Digital Accelerator” wants to “identify, explore and implement opportunities and projects that impact our core business”. Startups and emerging technology partners can collaborate on new business models that can impact the Allianz business of scale. Currently they are looking for startups to get in contact with the Digital Accelerator. So if you have an idea which matches to this requirements don’t hesitate to get in contact and maybe you found your new Accelerator right away.

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