We want Munich forward!


You might wonder what munichFWD is. And most probably you came here because someone shared this link and you were like “Yeah, whatever… My Code is compiling / I’m in a boring phone conference / The Subwayride is way to long / I don’t want to do my tax – let’s give this blog called munichFWD a try”. However you got here I’m glad you made it and I’m sure you can help us to improve the munich startup ecosystem.


Munich is one of the perfect environments for founding a company, growing ideas and meeting tons of interesting people. It just sucks a little bit in it’s ecosystem: Some of those issues can be fixed by individuals, others by “everyone” agreeing on something and others by politicians. However, we will come to those issues in follow up articles. Sure, there is a lot of work to do but we worked hard the last weeks to elaborate a mature plan how to achieve it. But let’s get this thing get started: First step is this website with a lot of information (we are extending it daily) and news only about what matters for the munich ecosystem. Further we’ve put up the most complete list of startups, investors, accelerators and coworkingspaces for munich you’ve ever seen (make sure we got your data right and we did not forget a startup you know!). And there is so much more we are going to show you within the next weeks.


The basic idea behind munichFWD is to help the munich startup ecosystem to grow and help international founders, investors, experts and guests to get their feet down in munich. And you can help us (and by us I mean everyone including yourself ;)): Share this blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, tell your coworker – to sum up: Show that you want munich forward. Sounds easy and it should be. As we are really serious about this project we decided to put up some marketing material so it is easier for you to become an evangelist of the munich startup scene (You can even pick up stickers for free at our headquarters in the downtown munich!).


Enjoy your first visit on munichFWD and make sure it’s not the last. Oh, and there is one more thing you can do: If you are a startup located in munich or greater munich please make sure to send us your informations on anything that happens (let us know before you send it to some anonymous noone-will-ever-notice-pr-delivery-service). Come back often and we will follow up with what more ways to show your support and how to participate the munichFWD momentum.


Thank you for improving the munich startup ecosystem. We want munich forward.

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