Home-brewed beer by Braufässchen


Four Weinstephan students make the dream of your own home-brewed beer reality. They developed a special technique for 5 liter barrels, which makes brewing beer at home possible for everyone. Moreover, they designed a “beer configurator”, so everyone can mix their own, individual drink.

The successful munich startup is called Braufässchen. Founder Dominik Guber states ”We don’t want to get prescribed how our beer is tasting”. He think that it’s annoying, that every flavour of beer from local brewery is the same – he misses diversity and creativity. . Therefore, together with three colleagues, he developed the concept for Braufässchen. First, you have to choose one of four types of beer. Weißbier (wheat beer), Pils, Dunkles (dark beer) or India Pale Ale. Then you can define how bitter your beer should be. In the end you have the opportunity to add three different flavours like honey, lemon grass or cherry. More than 15.000 combinations are possible.

But customers are not only fascinated by the large variety. A highlight is the possibility to brew the beer at home. The different ingredients are being sent by post, including the 5 liter barrel. You only have to mix all the ingredients and fill the barrel with water. Due to a special technique, the beer only needs one week instead of 4 or 5 for the fermentation.

“Our customers are enthusiastic about the new flavour experience”, reported founder Ping Lui. Braufässchen currently employs 12 people. For this year the startup targets a turnover of a half million euros – twice as much as last year.


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