Fantomic – An interactive soccer-application


You are a huge soccer-fan? Then FANTOMIC founded by Florian Lüft and Christopher Koye from Munich is just the thing for you. A liveticker covers every new happening and shows you every detail about the first and second Bundesliga, DFB cup, Champions League, Europe League and WM-Qualification.

But the best is: you can chat with your friends and other fans during the game about the last goal, why Schweinsteiger picked up a yellow card and who is the naked guy on the field. Before the kick-off you can check in, where you will watch the game and so your friends can see where you are, and you know where your friends will join the match. You can also pick points through different activities. The points get you a better place at the Fan-Ranking-List and you can win some nice prices. The app is free and available for iOS and android.

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