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One year from now Fantomic – a soccer App with liveticker and the possibility to communicate during the game – was born. What happened in this year and what are the plans for 2014, when FIFA Wold Cup is again in everybody’s mind? We spoke to Founder Florian Lüft about Fantomic, their advice to other Startups, the FIFA World Cup and about their favorite soccer club. 

munichFMD: Can you tell us something about how you came up with the idea for Fantomic? Maybe while watching a soccer game? 

Florian Lüft (FANTOMIC): As typical soccer-fans we were heavy-user of existing live-feed-apps. We realized very soon that there is no opportunity in existing apps to communicate with other fans while watching a game and discuss anything about the events on the pitch. This was the hour of birth for Fantomic, followed by a long phase of strategic thoughts about a sustainable concept and many more features, which can be found already in the app.

munichFWD: You founded Fantomic in December 2012, almost one year ago. What’s your „first birthday“ review? 

Florian Lüft (FANTOMIC): Wow. One year already. The time passed by so fast. At the end of the day, we are really proud that we have developed the product and the existing results with our own money, own work and a large user-base that gives us a very positive feedback on what we have built. Therefore, we are happy that we have launched the product early to get direct feedback from the market and our target group whether there is demand for an app like Fantomic or not. We assume that this is a difference to many other startups – we know that our product works!

munichFWD: Do you get detailled information about your users, like are there a lot of women using Fantomic?

Florian Lüft (FANTOMIC): For sure, we learn a lot about our users, their favourite locations and clubs and much more. To be honest, today the majority of our users is male. However women are catching up and the female active users on Fantomic are really good in terms of knowledge and comments.

munichFWD: 2014 is going to be a huge soccer year, the FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. How do you prepare on this event?

Florian Lüft (FANTOMIC): We are already preparing our IT-infrastructure to make sure that we will be able to cover massive traffic and to handle a huge increase of active users. And we are implementing some additional surprises to make Fantomic even better and more entertaining than today ;-) 

munichFWD: If you could speak to other Startup founders what would be your advice to them for the time of founding?

Florian Lüft (FANTOMIC): We would recommend to prepare more than a paper about an idea.

The fact that we have been able to actually show and demonstrate our product at an early stage has been been vital. This way we could observe the consequences of minor product changes and the reactions by our users carefully. And react promptly by improving the app day-by-day. Therefore, try to get a first angel or invest own money to make the first level of success by your own.

munichFWD: And this brings us to the end: Do you have a favorite soccer club and which one is it?

Florian Lüft (FANTOMIC): We love clubs with red and white and we love clubs with blue and white – depends on which member of the founding team you are talking to ;-)

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