DPD increases in Tiramizoo


The packaging delivery service DPD increases in Tiramizoo, reportedly with a Million investment. Tiramizoo is a website for city courier services. The website is like a hotel-searching platform with the special view on courier services. 


The service is already supported by the vehicle maker Daimler. Tiramizoo deliveres to any desired location at any time. Customers can order online and have the porducts delivered to their doorstep, or even at lunch to the park. Founder Micheal Loehr came the idea of bringing the various dealers onto one page, when he was offered his bike shop to deliver the requiered regular bycicle spare parts for ten dollars home – by courier.

DPD now wants to deliver the internet orders on the day of order.  With about 20 percent of startup Tiramizoo DHL wants to have a slice of the cake of Tiramizoo, which is already successfull  in 15 German cities.

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